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Pond Air 2 (Double Outlet Aeration Kit)
Pond Air 2 (Double Outlet Aeration Kit)

Every process that happens in the pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important at night when plants are not converting CO2 into oxygen. Dissolved oxygen levels are also generally lower in warmer water temperatures.

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Pond aerators oxygenate your pond helping all biological processes and creating a more stable environment resulting in healthier fish and plants. Aeration is also very important during winter months in colder climates as aeration helps to keep a small hole open in the surface of the pond to aid in degassing.

  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Quiet
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Durable outer housing prevents damage
  • Comes complete with winter resistant air line preassembled check valves and weighted air stones
  • Provides years of trouble-free operation

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